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Simple ways to clear a Clogged Drain

If your bath room or kitchen sink is Clogged, do not get worried, you can yourself clear it easily following these steps.

Simple Ways to Clear a Choked Sink Drain.

Step 1

  • Using a plunger rod to remove the blockage

clogged drainClose the drainage hole in your bath room sink, or extra drain pipe in a double sink or kitchen with a wet cloth. This will help to produce suction. Use the plunger to remove the obstruction moving upwards and clear the drain pipe.

The plunger can be very useful to clear a choked sink.

Step 2

  • Take away the drain out stopper to get at choked waste pipe

In case you are not able to clear blockage with a plunger, take away the clean out stopper at the bottom of drain underneath the sink. Open the plug using a pipe wrench and then remove it. Circulate the water through the drain pipe to clear the rubble and collect it in a bucket. If you don’t find a drain out stopper, you will have to take out the complete trap. For doing this open the couplings on both the ends of curled trap. Circulate the water through the waste pipe and collect it in a pail.

water draining into a sink

Step 3

  • Use a plumber’s snake to clean the waste trap and pipes

You can use a plumber’s snake to remove the rubble. Drive it into both the trap and waste pipe through their holes at the ends until you are able to take out the complete rubble. The snake is useful for cleaning and removing the blockage. You can clear a choked sink easily.

Step 4

  • Clearing bathroom sink

You have to remove waste pipe plug and clean the waist trap.

The bath room sink is provided with a lever to move the drain pug up or down. It is connected to the knob of the sink. You have to loosen the nut behind the drain pipe and then pull out its control rod. Take out the drain stopper from the bowl of sink, drive in the snake into the waste pipe and remove left over obstruction. This is better method for you are able to clear a choked sink in your bath room.

Step 5

  • Putting back the stoppers

After the clearing is over, you have to reinstall the things. Insert back the control rod into the waste pipe through the hole and put its stopper back in its place. Tighten the nut by your hand. Now put back the drain trap. Apply the plumber’s compound for sealing on clean out plug to seal it, tighten it with a pipe wrench with normal torque. Circulate the water through the waste pipe to flush away any rubble in the drain.

You will find these guide lines very helpful to clear a choked sink without any help, any time you need to clear it.